why do blame myself for feeling bad and upset and hurt for the way my last relationship ended? it ended up with him being arrested and changed with non fatal stragglation and now I feel awful because I feel like I have ruin this person life because they are going to prison for along time because of me. I feel I deserved it so why should they suffer in prison 😞😞💔💔

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  • ferny


    When you feel guilty all the time it isn't your fault. What happened wasnt your fault. You have a big heart and you cared about this person even if they did you wrong. Dont be ashamed of that. You care. Just remember that . But you also stood up for yourself as well . You did the right thing they made the wrong choice.

  • CaramelMixedHoney


    You might feel guilty and bad for a few reasons. One,you would never intentionally want to ruin someone's life (even tho you didn't, they did). Two, you may not have many boundaries and feel guilty that you have them. Three, and most importantly, no one and I mean no one including and especially you don't deserve to have someone put their hands on you. EVER! It's okay to not like how things turned out. However that person made decisions that landed them where they are at. We are all responsible for our choices. You made the right choice in standing up for yourself and that person made the choice that took a path that they may not have wanted to go in. This may be their chance to look at themselves and grow. And I think it's your time to do the same. Good luck❤️

  • WhiteFlamingo


    I know it feels like it's your fault right now. I know your heart goes out to him because you think his life has taken this turn because of you. In truth, he is not in prison for anything you did. He is in prison for his own actions. He made the decision to hurt you. He made the decision to threaten your safety and well-being. All you did was stand up for yourself. You protected yourself in a dangerous situation. I'm proud of you for doing so. Nobody deserves abuse, and that includes you. I truly hope that you will come to understand this. I strongly recommend you see a mental health professional about this if you haven't already, as they can help you come to terms with what happened and determine how to move forward. You deserve to move forward.

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