How do I know if my anxiety is severe enough to take medication?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Katylin


    that can be a personal choice. i have meds sitting that i haven’t started since July. It’s usually if it doesn’t go away, Chronic, or maybe you simply can’t take it anymore. Sometimes doctors will have you fill out a “test” for it. from there they can determine if meds are needed or not. ❤️ hope you feel better

  • oof


    I would say once you’ve tried the non med options because everything has upsides and downsides if the non med options have been exhausted or you’re too exhausted then definitely seek treatment

  • heyghost


    I'm with oof on this one. I have been managing mine with a combination of gaba, 5-htp, and ashwagandha. Testing different non pharma options has been a trial and error thing for me for awhile and not everything works the same for everyone and their differing levels of anxiety. I try to avoid traditional medication if I can but if my approach suddenly stopped working, I would consult a doctor to help me make that decision.

  • Meme619


    I never considered my anxiety to be that bad. I've been on meds since 2005 and they've helped tremendously but there was a point I was having anxiety/panic attacks and didn't even know because they weren't like what you see or expect. The bet thing I can tell you is to talk to your doctor. I ended up having another medication added and it helped so much.

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