For those who got an ASD diagnosis in adulthood, did you tell your families? How did they react?
Part of me wants everyone to know, so I can enjoy family gatherings more, since I do like my family. I'm thinking of telling my parents first, but I'm not confident they will recieve it well. I think my mom takes these types of things on an attack on her as a mother and just goes into a weird denial (even though it's obviously not her fault). I don't live with them (I am married and live in an apartment with my husband) so it's not necessary. And I'm not really willing to do what all these youtubers say and sit down to explain everything in detail about "what autism is" to them. I don't need support from them, just the personal validation that I get to be myself regardless of how they feel about it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • SunInAugust


    It sounds like you want the dynamic of family gatherings to be more accommodating to your autistic needs but aren't sure if you should tell your family directly. Maybe a middle ground is a good answer here? You could ask for some things to be different so that you feel better without giving the full reason why? You could also trial run a soft test of "ya know, a coworker of mine told me they are autistic and st first I didn't believe them. But they are learning a lot about those kinds of things lately and know that he told me more I really see it. And I even like his autistic qualities." And see how its received

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