does anyone else with bp2 and adhd have a hard time figuring out if a manic episode is starting or if you’re just hyperactive?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • phillip.marshall


    Mine go hand and hand I have a manic episode that cause me to be hyperactive Or I'll be suddenly hyperactive and it'll cause mania When I start my next round of therapy next week they're going to try and break down if that's from childhood trauma or something else

    • aries02


      that’s so interesting!

  • Ashiz1989


    I question often if im manic or not. The only time I'm sure I was manic I was doing drugs. And that never happened again. But many times my choices. Thinking. Hyperness... I feel I may be manic. Just unsure

    • aries02


      i feel like sometimes i can only notice the difference after the fact. it mainly comes down to fixation vs grandiose delusions

  • morbidmac


    i always confuse mania by thinking i’m just really happy or stoked about something. still learning how to pick up signs in manic (or hypomanic).

  • Harvey78


    I enjoy hypomania because we are bipolar 2 we dont get real mania the most i get is full of ideas and more artistic yeah sleeping is hard but i fear the anticipated crash once the realization oh im hypomanic. Clicks in my brain then i get anxious because i never want hyponania to end its the only time i feel productive and the closest thing ill ever get to "happy".

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