Does anyone else feel like this year has been nothing but bad things happening one right after another? Personally, I’ve been very depressed and anxious for the past few weeks. I just got out of an almost 3yr relationship and it’s been hurting a lot,, I kinda just want someone to talk to :,,)
DM me if anyone wants to vent about things going on in their life

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  • Shelbsz


    I’m not the greatest at wording things but I definitely feel like bad things just keep happening one after another, on March 1st I lost my Grandpa on my moms side and then on the 16th I lost my Grandpa on my dads side, about 6 days ago me and my boyfriend of almost 8 months broke up, I have to find a new job because the job I was at was messing up are taxes, have been crying non-stop and I haven’t felt motivated to do anything, it just feels like everything I do something bad ends up happening and I blame myself for everything 😔

    • TeaTreeLeafs


      ik exactly how u feel, and I’m rly sorry that u went thru all of that :,( i think i can relate to u regarding ur breakup, this yr felt like one bad thing would happen then another right after. My apartment got broken into, I lost a very close friend, my father stopped talking to me, i had to move into a new apartment with no working air conditioning or internet outlets, and the person that I cared about the most in this world didnt help me go through any of this and left me,,, :,(

      • Shelbsz


        I am so sorry that all of that happened to you, I am here to talk and listen, this year has been so long and it’s only been five months :( break ups are the worst, when you give someone all you love and care about them so much and the time you need them by your side the most they end up leaving you :( I blame myself because I am very anxious and I do apologize a lot because I am scared that I am wording something wrong, the day after my Grandpa in my Dads side passed away me and my boyfriend almost broke up when I had so much going on, I tried everything and changed almost everything about myself to fit his perspectives even when I was hurting so much he didn’t give me the effort I was putting in, I am so sorry that your boyfriend left you when you had so much going on, it really hurts when you care about someone so much and they just leave you like that, I am so sorry for your loss lovely, I apologize if I worded anything wrong but I just want you to know that even though I may not know you, I am here for you and I am sending lots of love and I want you to know that you are not alone and you have someone here to talk to about everything <3

  • BigD1969


    That’s so weird I just got out of a three-year relationship with my ex girlfriend and have a two-year-old daughter with her that I take after her leaving eight months ago because she would rather use up all of her free time making TikTok videos and making sure she has followers and that people like her than to take care of her daughter. Totally different topic but yes I feel the same way you do, it just seems as though there’s so many bad things going on every single day. I try not to turn on the news anymore

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