At what point does PCS/TBI become a disability?
Another random thought- do any of y’all have people in your life who think it’s so funny to make jokes about you wearing a helmet? I have had so many concussions and as we all know the more concussions you get the more likely you are to get concussions- I’m so sick of the helmet jokes - they are not funny and they are almost humiliating in the sense that those people think a helmet (jokingly or not) would help solve the problem

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  • Jessjealous


    I’ve had over 8 concussions myself and I get that joke quite often. Or “we need to wrap you in bubble wrap”. Personally it never really bothered me, occasionally got annoying but I find it’s better to just take the joke. I find that people make those comments when they don’t really know how to relate but feel like they need to respond with something. I also am someone who jokes about my trauma as a coping mechanism, it makes it easier to deal with.

    • Y0g1


      I joke about my trauma too and so it’s not that joking about it isn’t okay it’s that one specific comment. The other comment is when people want to go to sporting events and they’ll say “oh we will just put you in sunglasses and the noise headphones babies wear. It’s just the repetitiveness that gets to me I guess

  • Jellibean_Lover


    For me my PCS became a disability when the doctors said I reached my maximum medical improvement but I was still having regular migraine days where I couldn’t even leave bed, and still have migraines that sometimes last for days. My third concussion was about 14 months ago. It’s not so much a specific length of time but more so about when it becomes a permanent part of your life if that makes sense.

    • Y0g1


      interesting. Did he diagnose you with it/officially say you have a disability?

      • Jellibean_Lover


        I have an official PCS diagnosis with confirmation that my remaining symptoms will be lifelong. I had to go through workers compensation which has made everything impossibly complicated.

  • Happy2behere


    That's not a real solution, the helmet 😕🐕, how are you now feeling?

    • Y0g1


      the helmet 🙄 I’m doing as well as someone with PCS/TBI can be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ chronic pain sucks but I just kind of forget about it when I’m working so I guess that’s okay- but the fatigue sucks..

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