Anyone with pots also have thyroid issues? A handful of years ago I had an ultrasound for my thyroid bc it was enlarged. Nothing came of it. Now it is enlarged again but more, sore, and my dr ordered more ultrasounds. The TSH levels were normal but I know there are other levels to check as well. Just curious if any other potsies have had thyroid issues too.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • QueenSmurf


    I know multiple people who have POTS and thyroid issues. They also have EDS. So im not sure if pots and thyroid issues are related or if people with EDS are more likely to have them both.

    • Wanderinglumos


      thanks for responding! I’m actually getting tested for EDS too. I wasn’t sure if it could be related to it all or not as I have a couple ppl in my family with thyroid issues, but theirs seem to be different than mine as it’s suspected mine is hypothyroidism. Interesting that they could all be connected.

      • QueenSmurf


        I have hashimotos. They knew it was that based on all the damage done to my thyroid. I have a bunch of holes in mine. My blood work kept coming back in normal range. They put me on a low dose levothyroxine, and the swelling went down and I feel much better. I would look into seeing an endocrinologist.

  • PinkCrow


    I had acute hyperthyroidism in 2020, wild high T3 but normal T4. Was so hyper that I got used as a training dummy for trainees testing reflexes hahaha! Was told my thyroid basically blew up due to a cold… I was in COVID lockdown so no idea how I caught a cold. If I did, I was totally asymptomatic lol? I am waiting to run tests again on my thyroid levels as I’ve had a hell of a time trying to lose weight since then and I feel the pendulum has maybe swung the other way for me and could be hypo. But no idea. No EDS dx here, but I do have MCAS/HATS.

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