Often times I find I don’t enjoy anything, nothing feels fun. What’re some hobbies you enjoy? I like photography, board games, painting.. but looking for new ideas that sound exciting


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  • JennyHeart


    If your that board. Try pleasuring yourself with your other half and relax. Then try figuring it out.

  • sarahducky


    Ive been struggling with the same too hmmm.... i try to walk around outside a little breathe in fresh air and look at the surroundings for a bit it helps some. Try painting drawing or writing is great. I go on youtube and learn or google stuff its kinda fun and real interesting.

  • BobateaMaster19


    I like to read manga, watch anime, play games (on pc or mobile), work on self care, play board games, sit outside, mountain bike…

  • AnecdotalFox


    Bird watching is fun, and if you like photography you can take pictures of them, too. Maybe even start a collection of the photos you took of different birds

  • DenverGirlie


    Finding a good podcast and committing to spending time outside whether that’s a walk or finding a bench to sit on!

  • Mika15


    I like to crochet! I love making animals for my friends, it makes me happy. I can do it sitting down so I don't have to use too much energy. I recommend it :)

  • Cdub


    For me it’s working on my project cars. There’s something about knowing you’re building a big driving machine that’s just so cool and the knowledge that comes with it is irreplaceable

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