I haven’t been dx yet but do have the HLA gene and have an IGG to wheat. I have only recently known about the HLA gene but now wondering if I’ll test positive for Celiac on a panel. Any advice ??

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  • Sofia_Andrea


    To be more specific the HLA-DQA2 rs2858331

  • Samiiiiiiiii


    Knowing you have the mutation doesn't help to tell if you will test positive for celiac disease. 98-99% of all people with celiac disease have a mutation in an associated gene. The thing is that a mutation in this genes is really commen. 30 to 35 % of the population has a mutation. That means that roughly one of three people has a mutation. Only 2 % of the 30 to 35% will become celiac. Which means the majority with the mutation will never have celiac. An example to make it clear: If you have a 1000 (non celiac) people, 300 to 350 will have a mutation. And only 6 - 7 will become celiac. That means testing for the gene doesn't mean a lot. It can only be used to rule out a celiac diagnosis, not to comfirm.

  • Jimbodiny


    Any regular bread, pizza, noodles brings on bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea, my doctor thinks I have celiac but said I'd have to eat gluten for a week before the test. I gave up gluten, beer bread, etc over ten years ago. I also was able to stop prescription acid reflux meds (after taking them for over 20 years). My question is, how much damage would I encur for the symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, compromised breathing, acid reflux, not sleeping, etc. for a week?

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