My doctor recently recommended daily doses of Miralax for IBS-D (in addiction to my FODMAP sensitive diet), but having tried this it seems to be causing more issues than it is helping GI symptom wise. Has anyone else been told this and found it doesn’t work, and if so have you found any better alternatives?


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • monstrously_witty


    That worked for me somewhat well. However, too much Miralax makes me nauseous. I found out that it becomes way better if I take Miralax after a meal and add something for flavor when taking Miralax. However, it does not give me any urge to use the bathroom. I use citrucel for that and miralax to soften the stool that prevents hemorrhoids and fissures. You could also try papaya fruit, chia and flax seeds after soaking them with water, and ripe kiwis. All these act as laxatives as well.

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    I am getting ready to try the fodmap but I can't do the miralax because I ibs d/c

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