How do you guys make friends with anxiety?? I have a terrible time picking up on social cues like when someone is flirting for example. Any advice??

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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    Deadass I would watch charisma videos on YouTube and it's all so obvious. I realized I pick up on all the same cues everyone else does but my anxiety made me see a lot more than was really there. Or because I assumed what other people were thinking, I took flirting as rudeness or anything other than what it was. It's hard to tell what people think so at some point you just have to risk it and be yourself at someone else and see if that goes well. For me at least, that's how it happened. Gradually, I got better at it and wasn't concerned about it. Especially once you get a couple of tight friends, making new ones is way easier for a bunch of reasons. New social opportunities and confidence, a safety net and support. They can even help you (they definitely will) be less awkward.

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