Has anyone tried changing their diet? If so, what changes helped your symptoms?

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Still's Disease

Joint pain

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  • Joy


    Hey there, I suffer from still’s disease and severe joint pain for more than 4 years. I’ve read about food that reduces the inflammatory process in the body, so I started to eat accordingly, and saw some great results. I eat fish, like salmon and tuna (I usually eat them fresh, but smoked can also be great). I eat vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, garlic and onions, and I only use olive oil. I’ve heard that nuts can be great also, but unfortunately I’m allergic ):

    • Robin1109


      I also have Still Disease. I also try to eat healthy. It seems to be working. No sugar. That helps me not go into a flair

  • MLee


    I have RA/polarticular JIA and I've found that cutting gluten has reduced inflammation a lot. I also tried reducing sugar and dairy as much as possible. I have this diet mixed with methotrexate so that is another large help, but I think the diet has definitely helped. Hope this helps :)

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