Second day in bed with horrible migraine pain in head eyes can’t go work feel so depressed I never found a cure yet



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  • Fern.the.Ninja


    Friend of mine stopped having migraines when he stopped a medicine. Check your side effects. I *sometimes* find relief with cayenne powder. Experiment some. If I have a migraine, eating MSG will help but if I don't have one, eating it will give me one.

  • Fern.the.Ninja


    Cold compress, ibuprofen if you can. White noise to drown out sudden noises. I like just having the radio on.

  • CTmom


    I feel your pain. I had 3 days of migraines in a row this week. I use ice packs, peppermint oil essential oil on part of my head that hurts and use a meditation to go back to sleep in a very dark room. My current prescription medications are not helping me. Hope you are feeling better. Give yourself grace. You will get through it. Sometimes caffeine helps me. There are pressure points in the hands that you can press that will give some relief too!

  • Oouchthathurts


    Try some magnesium and coffee.

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