I get chronic diarrhea every time I take antibiotics. I had diarrhea for three months last summer when I took an antibiotic for a sinus infection. A couple weeks ago I had to take another course of antibiotics for bronchitis. It was only a Z-Pak. But I got diarrhea the day I started taking it and I still have it two or three weeks later. I went to the G.I. doctor and they have me on probiotics and fiber and that has helped some but it has still not gone away. I have an abdominal ultrasound scheduled in a few days and a colonoscopy/egd scheduled in a month. I was tested last summer and this time for C diff and O&P and that was negative both times. I do not have a Abdominal pain or blood in my stools. It could be IBS or Crohn’s or who knows?! Has anyone else had this issue? And what were you eventually diagnosed with?

Chronic Diarrhea

Tear Film Insufficiency

Chronic Sinusitis


Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


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    I also would get long bouts of D after antibiotics! Been on lots of antibiotics since a kid for various infections but didn’t have D then. Bowel issues started in in 1978 (22yo). I have had many colonoscopies/endoscopies over the years. Diagnosed with celiac/parasite infection in 1990, celiac diet failed to then be diagnosed with IBS. Diarrhea worsened over years, food intolerances, indigestion/reflux. I had miserable D after antibiotics. I volunteered for a gut biome program..UBiome… to have no lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium strains in my gut blaming all the colonoscopies done..sometimes two a year! I went to top celiac specialist to have every test under the sun… he stated I never had celiac disease but had nothing else show in my tests!!! All he recommended was antidepressants… past gastro’s tried that drug too with no improvements! I was prescribed lots of drugs over the years with gastro’s that did not control the D. I also refused antibiotics with last bad ear infection in 2014 was prescribed penicillin instead. I had to find a different dentist to perform a root canal without taking antibiotics I left conv medicine to research alternatives, trying SCD diet, FODMAPS, removing nightshades, trying supplements, taking a food allergy test(ALCAT) to joining a leaky gut program in 2015. Had to retire earlier than planned due to uncontrollable D plus so many food intolerances, wasn’t much left for me to eat. I was recommended to research the Medical Medium! I started his protocols in 2019. My D has improved…healed other issues like dry eye syndrome, balanced low blood pressure, eczema and healed reflux/indigestion. Prior to the MM had good response with Dr. Mercolas probiotic and digestive food enzymes, but don’t need them anymore. My food intolerances are mostly gone and still working on D but can comfortably leave my home/travel now, can eat conv. foods occasionally…no more embarrassing accidents. I recommend to read the MM books! He explains the core causes to chronic illnesses, suggests quality supplements, recommends healing diets/detoxes. It is hard to change the mindset about foods, as we have been wrongly recommended to eat foods that are unproductive…contributing to inflammation/chronic illness. His books info will explain your D issues with antibiotics!! His answers all makes sense for me and gave me answers to why I was such a sickly child and poor health throughout life. I suffered so much with gastro’s issues that I was willing to try the MM protocols. Hopefully his info will help you! I got his books from my library, but bought a few for the recipes. I recommend starting with his first book…The Medical Medium! He has lots of info online, is on Instagram.Facebook, Pinterest. You will read some stating the MM is a scam! I researched well before I started to totally disagree! Not scam at all…but is hard work! Here are a few posts

    • Trainwreck


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