Strange symptom I’m wondering if anyone else shares:
When I’m doing poorly (often pushed beyond my energy envelope), I start to feel overwhelmed/overstimulated and I stand/sit still and close my eyes. My eyelids will start fluttering a bunch and my eyes feel like they’re moving all over the place. I just sit still until it’s done (normally 3-15 seconds I’d guess??) and then I can open my eyes and they’re normal. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s happening more recently, and often when I lay down to go to bed it happens right when I close my eyes too. I didn’t think much of it before, but I’m wondering if it could be some sort of seizure activity?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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  • ginkgowink


    Also, I’ll of course be talking to my doctor too. I’m just curious if anyone else gets this and what you may know about it.

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