Has anyone ever felt like it’s nearly impossible to create new genuine connections? If so how do you manage that? Do you find ways to push past that and still create those connections or does it cause you to draw into yourself?

Social Anxiety

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  • MoeCha


    Yes,I can totally relate. Honestly it depends on the day. If I am semi-confident enough, I will introduce myself to new people. Usually it starts with saying "good morning" or "have a nice day." The more you see that person a conversation can slowly develop and so can your bond with them. If I am too scared or extremely anxious, I have a coworker that is really personable. They help me make connections to new people and they've become my friends as well. Of course both scenarios are based on my job. Outside of work is more challenging. However, I try to remind myself to just be myself. Do not hide who you truly are because you will feel like you are betraying who you are meant to be. Build connections because you want to and not because you feel like that's expected of you.

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