i need some advice, i’m about to start dating this boy i really like, but he makes me so anxious or feel bad sometimes when i don’t respond how he wants. i can’t tell if he’s trying to make me feel bad on purpose to get me to like him more…he tells me he gets sad when i say something he doesn’t like, so i end up feeling really bad and anxious i’m doing something wrong and end up trying harder to make up for it. when we’re together he is the nicest and sweetest guy, so i’m really confused on what to do.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Chaoswithinorder


    My rule of thumb is "How do they act if I do the same thing?" And "Who is 'at fault'?" If it's communication, you can say what you need and he'll accept or at least listen and try to find a work around when it's possible. What he says something about can make a big difference. His emotions about any anxiety or other things should still focus on you. Being sad you're having a bad day is totally understandable, canceling plans because of anxiety sucks. But 'im upset or sad because you're not doing what I want. And I'm not bringing you into the picture, even though I know you can't help it, it's your fault.' That is a big no no. He also might be bad at communicating, or have some nero-divergency that affects his communicating. Be careful and pay attention to his actions.

    • nalabean


      thank you, i will keep all of that in mind

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