Hey! I was wondering if anyone with Fibromyalgia or POTS have tried CBD to help with symptoms? I was considering but I am not too sure if it would help. What other treatments work for you besides meds?

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  • Jadie


    On the POTS thing, be warned that CBD does lower blood pressure if smoked so if you have that kind of if POTS and plan to do that method be cautious. I use it since Im hyperadrenergic type. It helps calm down my nervous system and lessens the feelings in my chest. If pain at all is the issue then balms with high cbd per quantity might help numb pain and lower inflammation. Smoking high CBD flower I found to also be effective but that is more expensive. Sometimes it also containing some THC can be more effective in certain people. As for ingesting it in a pill or tincture I have no clue as Ive only tried it once and found no effect in my POTS or pain. Research and cross examine any meds or other illnesses you have that could point for potential issues. CBD is very helpful but not everyone needs the same things.

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