is it normal to have an increase in suicidal thoughts during your period? i used to get them a lot and sometimes it'll pop into ny head every now and then when things get rough but, they skyrocket whenever im on ny period.


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  • Vixly


    That’s pretty normal due to the mess of hormones and changes which sucks. I get like that usually right before my period. It help me a lot if I know my period is coming to remember that the period is the cause of the thoughts. For me at least it helped me be able to separate those thoughts from real to just being a mess of hormones.

  • PlantBoi


    It’s very common and can be labeled premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It can range in severity, I’ve been taking hormonal birth control to offset it, but it’s definitely something you could try to explore with a medical professional and see what options there are for managing the flare ups

  • ganja_bb


    I thought I was crazy when I had these but makes me happy to know I am not alone with this much like vixly said knowing its just hormones helps ALOT just remember there are always people who care for you and would miss you if your gone makes me feel better and like I have a place sometimes its hard but that's why there are people you can always talk to. days will be worse then others but there's always tomorrow

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