‘Lo! How do you cope with/ prevent burnout?

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • Beshoo


    What do you mean ? :-)

    • Liney


      It’s like I’m just so tired of doing everything all the time to stay healthy? It just seems like so, so much and it’s endless and it feels overwhelming. I just want to know how others deal with it! I’ve been dx for 21 years and I know that plays a big role but it seems unsustainable.

  • jessssssa


    sometimes i pretend it’s like a little game to keep my blood sugar in range lol

  • pigglybandit


    I keep my family in the loop. I'm fortunate to have a husband who will help keep me on track with my blood sugar, carbs, pump changes etc. It helps to have someone who knows how to care for you so if you need a break, which tbh we all do, you can sorta have one. I also try to remind myself that what I choose to do now will affect me in the long term. It doesn't prevent burnout lol but it does give me some perspective to know the extra effort I put in now will only help me in the future

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