somehow, making friends gets harder with age. a lot of advice stems down to putting yourself out there, but it always feels impossible since i've never been able to do that. it's gotten to the point where it makes me feel nauseous to even think about trying to make friends. so strange and annoying

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  • Isabelg2001


    i feel this. I’m lucky to have a few close friends but i’ve never made friends “organically” it’s always been friends of friends / assigned roommates. it feels psychically painful to try to deal with social situations and social cues. it’s always ends up being exhausting when i try to put myself out there and i regret it

  • DitsyDiabetic


    I feel like in this aspect i got really lucky. Granted i only have 2-4 in person friends, but they’re the good ones. The try to understand me and i can be myself around them. Also, THEY found ME, no effort was involved on my end. I’m terrible at socializing and reading social cues, so i have no idea how to ACTUALLY make friends besides just be yourself and hope someone finds you! Never force a friendship, because are they really your friend if you have to mask around them?? I would say no. Also, if you want a digital friend who understands you, feel free to message me! 💜

  • Ella101


    Yes I feel the same way. I have no friends and I’m too anxious to put myself out there.

  • ChaosOmenBane


    Yes yes this I moved away from home and my friends last year fir uni and I am still super close with some of them however everyone made it out like making friends in uni would be easy but it's not the friends I've made now are people I work with who's GCSEs are as old as I am (I love her though she's the best) and residents that live with the company (more my age). And while this is great and I appreciate and love them a lot it means I don't really have a life outside of work and my partner. Nobody teaches you how to make friends. as a kid people say you're good at it bc you make friends with whoever is around where ever you go (eg soft play areas etc) but those usually aren't meaningful fulfilling friendships, it's a fleeting moment of convenience.

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