Does anyone who takes Prozac use it for bulimia ?? also how did u get it prescribed is there like a test or screening ?




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  • mematwe


    i take prozac for my depression. i didn’t take any type of screening for it, it was just proscribed

  • Daylilydreamer


    I’ve never heard of Prozac for bulimia but just because I’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it’s not an option. I take it for depression, same as the previous commenter.

  • catlover_


    I didn’t know bulimia had meds? I think meds are more to help with your mental stability to help you not think about doing that tho

  • sellie


    aaa I’m not sure either i just heard abt it a few days ago from someone who said Prozac could be used for bulimics and i was skeptical , i searched it on Google and it said yes but i don’t rlly trust it yknow

  • fr053n


    I take it for depression and bulimia. It helps control the urges

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