People with chronic pain, how did you find a job that isn’t totally exhausting? I currently work in a machine shop and I really enjoy it but it causes a lot of issues with my joints and frankly I’m not sure how much more I can take. I’m hesitant to leave though because it’s the first job I’ve had that I actually enjoy. If anyone has any ideas I’d appreciate your input.

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  • AudaCity


    I did the same compromise as you-- my job in theatre is really exhausting but I would be having just as much pain in any other profession so I stick with what I love because then at least it feels worth it

  • Blinky


    My rheumatologist told me to try and get a job at the library!! I think it should be easy for me since I'm such a nerd. I constantly wonder though how much I will be limited by the pain, and I have distant dreams of applying for disability if it gets too bad.

  • Phoenixwingfeather


    I work with dogs at an animal hospital/boarding facility on the boarding side of the business. I have been working with dog and cats for a long time, I love them so much that I deal with the pain that comes with it. I worked for Domino’s for a year before moving to a new state and I dealt with same amount of pain as I do now with the dogs. We have to move in the world and that means pain, unfortunately. I pray to God every day in every step of pain. He is the only One who has kept me going and a stubbornness that He created in me. Finding real relief has been a constant struggle since the accident that sent my health into a tail spin. I do what I can to ease the pain, and pray to God for distractions

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