Has anyone else been sleeping like 12-16 hours a day after taking Hydroxyzine??


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  • hcfr


    OMG yes! It is just like Benadryl. It’s also used to treat itching in certain cases as well as anxiety. I have had to leave classes because I was unable to stay awake after taking hydroxyzine. Definitely a struggle.

  • faye1


    i don’t sleep at all on it. it’s never helped me. i wish they would put me on actual sleeping meds and not benadryl.

  • momiim


    yepp. does wonders for my anxiety but man, it knocks me out

  • philo


    Yep, I take it for sedation after panic attacks and I’ll sleep so long my housemates think I died in my sleep (not really, but they joke about it!)

  • ecargnah13


    it makes me so tired

  • RxtPxnk


    it was actually perscribed to me to counteract the insomnia from my BuSpar and its worked wonderfully

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