How do you deal with anxiety and negative self-talk?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Oliloos


    Maybe easier said than done but...every time I notice myself saying something negative about the self, I make myself say something positive right after, even if I don't actually mean it, itll train your brain to be nicer to yourself:)

  • Remkle


    When it’s really bad, I pretend I’m talking to my 7yr old self. And I would never talk to a child the way I talk to myself so it can snap me out of it. But doesn’t always work and isn’t always accessible. I have to be in a decent frame of mind.

  • ChickyDee


    I use an app called Thought Diary that has you write down the thought, identify it, and then balance it. So basically write down the negative thought and how it makes you feel. Then 'balance it' by writing down something that contradicts it. It almost always makes me feel better

  • qs


    I use afrimitions

  • Sleepycna


    One of my old therapists taught me to try and “prove” what the negative thoughts were, for example: “everyone hates me” literally try to prove that, then you will probably think about how you have a friend, family, coworkers, people talk to you and invite you to things. The negative thought is therefore not true. Plus you are forced to think about all the good things in your life

  • wish_i_was_debonair


    I was told by an amazing therapist, that the first thing you think is what society has conditioned you to think and that the thing you corrected it is how you really feel. It’s important to correct negative self thoughts even if you don’t mean it at the time. Your self love journey is going to be in progress for the rest of your life. Good luck💕

  • TPenn


    Tell yourself to F off. Anxiety lies to you. Talking to people who support you can help, as well.

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