I feel like I have tried it all but Do you have any suggestions for a radical treatment for CPTSD or for Fibromyalgia? Any suggestions for living with Hypermobility?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • BasilMae


    I don’t have anything specific about the other two, but I have found out some good stuff about hypermobility! I’ve found that muscle mass helps TONS with hypermobility and lowering the amount of dislocations I have. It’s gotten to the point that I can feel my body falling apart at the seams if I stop exercising for a while, then it gets better again when I start back up. The trickiest part about it is that people with EDS usually have pretty fragile bodies and that can make many forms of exercise really difficult. I personally do low impact body weight and resistance band stuff on my muscles surrounding joints giving me issues, and I used to swim a lot when I had access to it :)

  • SidViscous


    You know, you are totally right because I have notice I have more dislocations lately that I have had less activity. Thank you for the reminder and suggestion.

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