One of the hardest parts of having a chronic pain condition or chronic illness is how aware of everything you have to be: For a really long time I’ll feel okay and I won’t be hurting and even though I’m constantly facing symptoms from this Im not in misery. And then it comes back and I have a bad day or a flare day and it feels hopeless and pointless and not worth it to getting better because you thought you were okay for a second. Being aware of the things you eat or changing your personality based on the people you’re talking to. It has made me be aware on my bad days how I treat other people. And I’m so mean to people because I’m struggling and sometimes I have to remind myself it’s okay to have bad days because they’re will always be bad days even with the best things in your life. Im positive and kind to people because I love the people in my life. It almost feels like my self frustration is turned into hatred and I cannot be around anybody and act normal when I’m having a bad day or when I’m in pain. And that’s okay

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