One more question about bipolar disorder❗️
Can someone have paranoid delusions while they're manic? Like people are "out to get them"? Or is that during depressive episodes? Or both??

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  • PurplePenguin


    I've had it with both myself. Personally it's stronger when I'm manic

  • daydream.elf


    i have had paranoid delusions both manic and depressed but i experience it the most with mixed episodes.

    • _Robbie_


      Ok ty! If you don't mind me asking btw, is it possible to go from manic to mixed? Like if you're manic but also have anxiety or something, could the anxiety turn the manic episode into a mixed episode?

  • ItsGracie


    I get that feeling when I’m anxious, as far as I know I don’t have BPD

  • michelledevyn


    Yes! They can happen in both. There's also a disorder called schizoaffective where it's a combination of bipolar and schizophrenia. There's a fantastic book called the collective schizophrenias. It's written by this woman who struggles with this and academia and all that jazz. It's spectacular and i recommend

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