What are your same foods, healthy go tos, etc? Trying to eat healthier but all of my same foods are filled with carbs and sugar. Any meal ideas for even low motivation/focus/energy days???

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  • blue89


    I often have a banana and peanut butter to get a fruit and protein (and vitamin K comes with that) as part of my breakfast or as a snack

    • blue89


      So not a whole meal, but a start to get something filling and healthier

  • Gaz


    if you have too few spoons to cook, pretzels and hummus? if the pretzels are too high carb then maybe a low carb substitute if you have enough spoons to cook, a low carb favorite of mine is parmigiano reggiano oven baked chips and homemade guacamole, with things like garlic and salt and a favorite spice mix of yours so that you wouldn't feel the need to go adding onions and peppers and stuff

  • Amelio


    I eat only fruits and vegetables for snacks and as much as I want. The fiber in the fruit helps break down the sugar so it won't spike your blood sugar (or make you gain weight). I tend to also eat high protein meals.

    • sleepyhippo


      what high protein meals do you eat? Protein is where I struggle most lol

  • 2L0UD4ME


    Frozen foods from Trader Joe’s have been a life saver for me. I have a hard time meal prepping and they have a lot of great choices with vegetables and meat, and they taste great!

  • Tired247


    The only healthy safe foods I have are smoothies, cream-a-mushroom soup, and frozen blueberries blended. Also boiled eggs.

  • meridian


    here's my healthy go-tos: apples/oranges, coconut or greek yogurt + berries. also love a salmon bagel w some cucumbers! airfried cauliflower/brussels is super cheap and yum. i eat everything with hummus (protein, fiber).

    • Masscrystal


      where u get the salmon bagel I love salmon and bagels

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