I have had my period for five months straight and it keeps getting heavier and heavier. I finally see a specialist next week but my anxiety has been getting worse about the situation. Has anyone else gone through this?


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • Sunflower1


    I suffered from heavy bleeding too before I was diagnosed with PCOS. Then my gynecologist prescribe me birth control and it has solved the problem.Don’t worry about it! He’s probably going to offer you this treatment or an IUD which are both good solutions with bearable side effects in my opinion

  • Angie


    Hi Ann! I can see where the anxiety is coming from. Good thing you have an appointment coming up. I was treated with pills containing only progesterone and it helped me.

  • imahotmess78


    Can they give you a DNC?!

  • Lolita


    Hey, I used to suffer from irregular periods before my diagnosis, but not from heavy bleeding. I can understand how frustrating that must be. I hope you’ll get some good news from your doctor, good luck!

  • CoolFishy22


    The longest period I’ve had lasted three and a half months. And that sucked so I’m sorry you are going through more. Irregular periods are concerning for sure. And bleeding for that long really really sucks. It gets real exhausting real quick. Def make sure your iron levels are ok, and maybe try birth control if you haven’t already ❤️

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