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acute lethargy

Arnold-Chiari syndrome


Generalized pain


Chronic Headache

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  • Mimi_Jewell


    Anytime I move too much or lift simple things too much im easy to feel pressure on my head... sometimes headaches with my eyes hurting, sometimes one eye... depression.... fatigue A LOT like im full of energy but I need sleep, if im out late my head starts hurting... makes it hard to enjoy nights out with friends.. so I dont really go out much. No sports at all nope... Before my surgery, it would get really bad.. randomly throwing up and head would automatically hurt from midday and get worse through the night.. a pressure, not necessarily "headache" its kinda like worse even it happens so much easier

  • Rachel56


    Sleep apnea, eye pressure, tension on back of head, headaches, migraines, feeling tired all the time even when I get 8hrs of sleep, memory loss, vertigo/dizziness, Tinnitus, insomnia

    • Rachel56


      Also pain in my head when I laugh, run or lift too much .

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