I’ve found that, the farther into COVID we get, the more likely it’s been that I will cry on any given day. It doesn’t feel like a depressive episode? (Like, I can normally get up and do some things later, without feeling the heaviness of sadness)… but crying at least once a day still feels like a LOT. Any similar experiences? Is crying this often a sign of anything else?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Naturegrl


    Stress can make us overwhelmed and can also affect bipolar disorder. I cry a lot and have breakdowns when I am too stressed out

  • BravestToaster


    I think even for people without any 'extra mental health issues' , there is more crying happening. But I definitely feel you 😆

  • Lady_Bug


    I cry uncontrollably I have sever anxiety my life I feel no joy it is like I just want to stop breathing

  • KittyKartchner


    Your mental health has taken a toll on you because there is a plague. Give yourself what you need. And sometimes that need is to cry. There's nothing wrong with it. This is a scary time and it's okay to not be okay.

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