So I’m fairly certain my mania and ADHD are holding hands and skipping down the street together right now. I feel SO all over the place and in this energetic high that I can’t get out of. I didn’t see much wrong until my supervisor asked me if I had drank too much coffee this morning. We have a GREAT relationship, so I knew when she said that, it’s a bigger issue than I thought it was. Now I’m paranoid that I’m annoying people or not performing well at my job because I. Just. Cant. Stop. The thought racing, the incessant talking, needing to fidget and pace and take walks around the facility. It’s just a lot right now and I’m not sure what to do.

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  • PhoenixGrey


    You're probably doing fine. But I completely understand the runaway brain. Just keep working, walk around if you can, interestingly, make yourself a cup of tea, the caffeine is counterintuitively helpful and the l theanin will help with the jittery mania. Hopefully this doesn't last too long and doesn't end in burnout. But ride it while you have the energy.

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