Is there any tips to effectively deal with depression?


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  • Juniper_


    I would say that one thing that’s helped me is focusing on my own self care. Do something that you really really like. Be proud of yourself for even doing basic tasks like getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, or eating. Be extra kind to yourself even during the times that you feel horrible

  • Bergeron


    One thing that’s been critical for me has been knowing my limits and boundaries. When I get pushed beyond them, the depression gets much much worse. When I’m aware of them and aware that they’re being pushed, if I am in a position where I feel strong enough to push back, it actually positively affects my mood, because I’ve stood up for myself and defended my boundaries.



    Take a methylfolate supplement, see if your insurance provider will cover the GeneSight® test, which will reveal whether or not you have the correlative/causative homozygous MTHFR gene, and check out

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