Hello! My IBS symptoms showed up out of the blue one night after eating. Then the pain, discomfort, and extreme trapped gas continued nearly every day for months. I saw a gastroenterologist who performed both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. He then diagnosed me with IBS. My diagnosis was 2 months ago and I haven't been put on medication yet, I get put on my first medication for it in 2 weeks. Heavily seasoned foods set it off really bad. Stuff like Tacos, lasagna, pizza, etc are the worst. When I have a flare up, the pain is so bad that I get light headed, dizzy, and nearly black out. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this considered normal?


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  • hazyeclipse


    No, it's not normal (for a healthy person). It happens to me as well. I haven't felt comfortable or not had issues after eating something in 5 years now

  • Blue21


    Yes I get similar symptoms. I don’t know which foods trigger it. Some that always do for me are coffee and Taco Bell tho lol. But I describe it as constipated diarrhea. I feel an immediate urgent need to go, then diarrhea a lot, but am on the toilet for 10+ mins while I shake in pain and wait for the rest to come out. It’s made me almost black out and puke before

    • cheymichelle


      I'm sorry you go through that😥 After eating certain foods I get extremely bad pain in my lower abdomen that feels like labor contractions and I feel like I'm going to pass out until it goes away but it always comes back every few minutes, it comes in waves. I've had 2 kids and it feels pretty much exactly like that. I don't get diarrhea that often but it's much more than I used to and since my symptoms started I have always had softer stool and every day I get the urgent need to go and I usually cut it really close. Yesterday at the grocery store I barely made it to the bathroom on time. I don't struggle to poop, it just comes on suddenly and comes out way too fast. I almost shit myself daily. I also tend to get really nauseous during eating. I have to have a bowel movement after every meal now and my pain isn't during using the bathroom, it's an extreme cramping pain right after eating that lasts a couple hours on and off.

    • AstraPenn


      I’ve actually had this happen a lot they say because of the position that we sit in the toilet you can experience Vasovagal symptoms which makes you feel like you’re having a panic attack and create that feel like you’re gonna pass out. I highly recommend to everyone Scotty potty because the position up where you place your feet is highly important. I’ve had the symptoms since I was kids and have passed out from them. I’m supposed to have an EDG but am too anxious every time it comes up or have something I can’t miss.

    • acroy78


      been there!! and coffee sets me off too. It’s awful :(

  • Kaislyn


    The same thing happens to me everytime I have an episode and it is exhausting and traumatic! Mine has gotten so bad I can only eat non processed foods if I want a happy belly :( I’ve been told since our gut is greatly intertwined with our nerves, the blacking out and dizziness is not unheard of. It’s a terrible thing to go through and I hope that it gets easier for you!

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