does anyone ever find themselves having coughing fits? it’s usually after I take a sip of water and it’s almost like it’s not going down. I’ll drink the water and feels like I can’t catch my breath, then I’ll cough and it won’t start until my throat is basically sore 😭 it’s been happening for months and it’s usually when I eat but now it’s happening with plain water. suggestions?




Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Karlie


    I get that. And it almost feels like it’s just stuck there

    • MarinaV


      exactly!!! other times, I’ll have a stabbing feeling in my chest. I know some people have said that it’s acid reflux but it feels differently than that. have you found out what yours is?

  • Sadchemist


    It might be worth asking your doctor about having a swallowing study done to rule out any motility issues in your esophagus. I hope you get answers and some relief soon 💙

  • royalty


    Yes, but I have trouble swallowing for a couple different reasons so I'm constantly having liquids going down the wrong tube lol

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