Hey. I need some advice on talking to our husband. He's been great at helping us through everything and finding out new things about us and compartmentalizing everyone... but he's recently become kind of toxic due to his own mental health journey. He never used to put himself first (or even second or third) and now he's learning to which is GREAT, but sometimes he puts us out of the picture entirely like what we need/want doesn't matter compared to what he needs/wants at the time.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • damon


    I would say honesty is your best policy in that situation. However, I would take special care in the way you word things to him so that it doesn't sound like you're pinning the blame on him (not that I think you would, but it can be a common oversight.) Perhaps bring up what you mention in your post that it's great he's learning to look out for himself, but perhaps a balance is needed. Another great communication tool can be to just be vulnerable with him. If you're feeling abandoned and left in the dust then let him know that you're feeling that way and miss him. Possibly writing down a rough draft of what you want to say just to be able to read it out loud to yourself could be good just to check for anything that he may get hung up on. I'll usually only do this for people who are easily offended or are looking for fights, but it can be a great tool just for practicing good/clear communication too. Honesty and keeping anger out of the equation will probably be the two best things to keep in mind going into a conversation like that. However ultimately, trust your gut: because I don't know you or your husband and can only give you loose advice on it based on my own experiences. I wish you luck with it ❤️

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