I was supposed to have my Ocrevus infusion...way back in June...It was moved up to today, but the pump was missing...I went through all the paperwork so that I can be infused next week...what a hassle...

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  • SimplyWellRenewal


    I hated Ocrevas. I am so sorry your going through this. That is so hard! I ended up having to stop it as wasnt right fit for me, two more leisons grew. My functional nurse/nutrionist found better fit for me. I have been symptom free med free since.

  • Tausha


    Wow... I'm sorry you went through that with Ocrevus. I'm actually having it done today... Also glad that you are now symptom free.,and med free. Wondering what your nutritionist told you to do that caused the turnaround...

  • Sandoll


    I’ve been on ocrevous for 4 years and it’s been a life saver! All of my symptoms have subsided and my energy is good

    • Tausha


      It's a lifesaver for me too... I finally had my infusion...and I feel better already...

  • Titania


    I have just started ocrevus this year. Completed my first infusion set in June. Doing well

  • SunshineGal


    Sorry to hear if your troubles. Chin up. I m on Ocrevus too.

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