Those of you with post concussion Syndrome... did you get any imaging on you head and did they find anything? after 3 years I was able to convince doctors to get me an MRI the other day and the results haven't come in yet. trying to put my mind at ease...

Post Concussion Syndrome


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  • HannahL


    I did after I had a seizure. Nothing showed up on any imaging. So nothing could show up for you or something could show up that they could take care of and heal you! I could be a good thing if they find something you know? But I’ve been struggling intensely and nothing showed on mine. So hang in there.

  • Ethomas41


    After two concussions and a couple months of symptoms my dr ordered a mri that’s how he found out I have chiari malformation from the concussions. Still waiting to follow up with neuro

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