Adderall users for ADHD,
I just started taking IR adderall and I feel conflicted about it.
While it worked great to get me out of bed and do tasks I normally find tedious and overwhelming, I’m very concerned about the side affects.
It definitely affects my sleep and food intake, but those are things I can live with since I was dealing with them before starting. I am more concerned about all the scary warnings about “excessive aging, heart problems, blood circulation issues, sudden death, etc”
I’m also worried I’ll become dependent on it, and it’ll completely fuck up my brain and memory by the time I’m middle aged. Or that I’m gonna become dependent and I’ll have to suddenly stop because my insurance doesn’t cover it anymore or whatever, and I’ll have to deal with the withdrawals, or maybe turn to street drugs for a substitute like so many do, further fucking up my life and wasting my future.
I am also SUPER self conscious about my skin, I’ve always had acne, not severe but very noticeable, and adderall makes me flare up, starting around my mouth and spreading to the rest of my face, making me look polkadotted. It sucks, I was just starting to get clear skin too.

Any suggestions for another medication or method of controlling my symptoms with hopefully less serious side affects??
I could also use some coping mechanisms for anxiety, adderall makes me generally anxious, but on top of my marijuana dependency it’s just awful by the end of the day. I obviously can’t smoke while on my meds, so I just become an anxious mess, crying and shaking and dissociating.

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  • chihiro.sen


    As far as i know a proper dosage of stim meds shouldnt cause withdrawl? As for health concerns, i have a minor heart condition and my cardiologist said he'd feel more comfortable about my ling term health if i tried to get off stimulant meds, so im trying to create systems in my life to support me outside of meds, so i can consider going off once i graduate. (how to adhd on yt has been really helpful, as well as various executive function management strategies). I'm not considering it until then bc i know i really struggle without them academically. i took adderal long release but had to go to a pretty high dose before i really noticed a benefit and experienced heat palpitations, so they took me off it and i tried ritalin and what im on now. my psychiatrist had been really helpful in finding meds that work best for me, side effects and such is taken into account with that. Everyone is different which is why theres many different drugs for different things. Im also taking a dopamine reuptake inhibitor for depression thats also found to help with adhd (and anxiety i think?). Definetly let ur doc know about your anxiety, they dont want to make one thing worse in the process of helping another.

  • grabi


    Personally, I didn’t have the best experience with adderall. I found out that the salts and the blue dye (strangely enough) caused me to experience some not-so-great side effects, disassociation and worsened depression for example. I tried a methylphenidate at one point, and it didn’t work too well either. I found a medication that works really well for me which is a stimulant called Adzenys xr, it works great and hasn’t had any adverse side effects in my experience. Good luck!! :)

  • IcedChai


    I recently learned about lions mane and using it for adhd. I guess its a mushroom extract or something and some people have had great luck with it. I'm looking in to trying it also!

  • hiyabuddy


    I honestly believe it would be best for you to look up studies of the long-term affects of Adderall. You seem more concerned with the ideas of "what if" than what happens generally. The world may seem very scary when you know briefly of a topic, but once you start reading more into it, your brain makes better rational thoughts if it. Be careful getting to caught up in your worries. I'd also advise you to read up on how to remedy your(/the possible) symptoms. It may involve a change of diet, lifestyle, what have you. Vitamins are extremely important! I've read it's best to get them from foods that contain the vitamins, rather than supplements. However, supplements are still good! I recently started reading about the effects of Vitamin D on the brain, & it appears critical that we sustain a healthy dose of it. It is also referred to as a neurosteroid, interestingly enough!

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