American health care system is making me lose all hope I know when my body is telling me something is wrong but they don’t see it so it’s placed as anxiety

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Robud


    I feel the same way, like I know everything can’t be anxiety or my panic attacks, I feel like I’m going crazy sometimes when they don’t listen.

    • Moochie


      I’m losing all hope in them it’s no way my body just feels this way and it’s nothing at all

      • BabyGravy


        May I ask what are you experiencing physically?

  • E_belli


    I can empathize with that. I had temporary paralysis due to a reaction from Lyrica and the doc blamed it on anxiety and said i was numbing my arm myself due to anxiety. When it definitely was not. And it was a reaction listed on the side effects of the med online (before smartphones) and not in my head. I went to another doc who was shocked about what the other doc said and identified it for what it was and was smart enough to know the reaction. You need a doc that will listen to you. Seek until you find because you know yourself best. You are the one in your body. Trust yourself.

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