Other than meds, what other treatments help? I’m asking because I never can stay on them

Bipolar Disorder

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  • playboybunny


    smoking weed has helped me tremendously

  • jojojellybean


    I'd say having a therapist or a blog you can vent on or a friend can help.

  • SIOFan


    DBT therapy

  • frickerdoodle


    rational emotive therapy. Seriously, probably the best therapy I've ever gotten and i only went to that therapist for a few months. The main idea is to stop yourself when you're experiencing extreme emotions or intrusive thoughts, and ask yourself why you feel that way, if the situation is really that bad, if you're going to care about it in a week, month, year, etc. and to take a more logical approach to your feelings before they lead to poor decisions.

  • Yazzers


    Thank you so much guys💗

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