today was so hard for me i had a terrible anxiety attack and it felt like my whole world was crumbling:/ and my bf just told me to calm down, i get he was trying to calm me down but it didn’t help. it just made me even more anxious. just needed to get this off my mind

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Anta


    I feel you, when some one tells me to calm down when I am like that it sucks. But, just focus on things around you by using your 5 senses

  • Graciebee


    Some ppl don’t understand anxiety if they don’t experience it in the same way; I’ve found that the right people will listen and never judge tho!! I used to be so concerned when I would be so anxious especially when there wasn’t a clear reason, but people will understand and be there to help :)

  • Sam8908


    Telling me to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat. I sat my husband down and told him if he really wants to help. A: don't touch me B: just tell me its going to be ok and help me focus on his breathing so i can match it. That really helped him understand a lot better.

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