nice to meet you amm
I'm wondering if I have Diagraphia and I wanted to know if others experienced things similar to me

it started as far bacj as 2008 (i would be 7) and when I wrote on paper, the words in the paragraph started to funel.

Like the length of the lines of words started to shorted within the lined margins. I had to re write so many papers in 2nd grade.

Now that problem started ti happen less and less as I got older, but it still happens.

ans apparently I type weird? because of my spacing

and also most of the times when I write, ill end up writing the middle or end if a word before the start.

ex. when, i would accidentally write as hewn
or Landry as dry and then try ti fix it by trying to smush lan between whatever word was before it and dry

and sometimes i forget to write whole words or string of words in nt sentence

i also have some spoonerism some times (a lot of the times) where i mess up words or the order of words
ex Metchup and Kustard
open your fish like a mouth (I was trying ti say You're opening your mouth like a fish

I hope I'm using this app right


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  • Arbor555


    You’re doing great and I relate a lot to this as well with my speaking. Mine started at 7 also except I would write all my sentences mirrored and I still get really confused with b’s and d’s I flip them in my speech and writing a lot. It’s a part of the way I talk now, but I just think of it as funny quirks and what makes us unique. I enjoy reading your writing.

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