Does anyone else have a reallllly hard time falling asleep? Like all my brain wants to do us daydream 💭 and I can’t make it shut up 😕

Maladaptive Daydreaming

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  • Birdy.Bitch


    right there with you. i never knew how to describe it but this is what it is perfectly

  • tea444


    holy shit yeah!

  • Mayaa


    Omg yeah it’s so annoying 😭

  • Haruu


    It takes 2 hours at least for me

  • bellacourse


    I struggle so much to fall asleep. It feels like my brain won't turn off and I'm constantly imagining these storylines in my head and I'm like "dude shut up its 3 am" but it doesn't listen 🥲

  • Miss_Construed


    I do, I usually put something on in the background the 'concentrate' on, like a you tube video or a programme, it helps

  • Tired247


    Yeah, I do this all the time. Doesn't help that I have insomnia either

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