Hi! I hope everyone is having a good day so far. I was recently diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in January, and I have many questions and no answers.

My question is, has MG affected your career/schooling in any way? Did you have to retire or change jobs because of MG? Before getting sick, I was taking science classes at my local university to apply to med school, but everything is currently on hold until my symptoms are better controlled.


Myasthenia Gravis (MG)

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  • Hiker


    Hi Taylor, I was diagnosed with MG in 2017. I applied for graduate school in 2018 and just finished my doctorate degree in occupational therapy. While it was extremely difficult and required a LOT of planning, it was and is possible to attend school with MG. I received accommodations from the school for extended test time, larger font, pre-recorded lectures and more that I’m happy to share if you’re interested.

  • Emmma


    Was diagnosed in 2020. I had to drop out of college and am unable to get a 9-5 job due to my health. The campus deemed me to high of a risk to continue. But I do a lot of other side things to make money and am doing a lot better these days than before! I plan on going back to college in winter hopefully.

  • Lexxi02


    Hi Taylor I was diagnosed when I was 15 but I had symptoms from 13 within those 2 years I got worse and worse I could barely leave the house and I missed alot of school but once I was diagnosed I started to feel a bit better and I could get to school it was hard and took a lot of work but I finished school and college and I graduated from university, so it is possible and you can get hel from the colleges and universities. If you want to chat more I'm happy to share my experiences.

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