Hello I'm Rowan. I suffer with pretty bad health anxiety. Particularly pertaining to blood clots and heart issues. I don't have either of those ( that I know of) but that doesn't stop me from constantly worrying about them


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • NiqueMK


    I don’t like blood in general. It freaks me out. I mostly have obsessive thoughts about ppl finding out that I’m stupid or having to talk to a group of ppl. Really doing anything in front of a lot of ppl freaks me out. And that I might die from dementia. It’s hard being grounded when those thoughts occur. But for me being outside and getting exercise helps me feel better in general. Because I notice when I get those thoughts I’ve been in house all day or that I’m not doing anything. Have you tried being more active? Or spoken to your therapist about it?

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