I'm almost 32, single, I live with my Mom (I moved in with her a year and a half ago to save money and because its hard to find a roommate that is willing to put up with my quirks). I have a good job. (So does she). Money isn't an issue for going out and doing things. We both work from home. I'm an extrovert. I try to make friends but it is I credibly hard to find adults willing to hang out consistently. I dread weekends because the loneliness feels so painful! 😞 Can anyone else relate to this???.... 😩 I don't know why this is so hard for me, I feel silly that it bothers me so much.

**Throw in I have horrible travel anxiety (leaving my city). That can sometimes be limiting too. But I try to push past it, I just can't travel every weekend.***

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  • kittenintheyarn


    So, a few ideas: Maybe you can try to find things to do with your mom? She is a person after all. Also, most communities have at least one or two churches, which are a good place to meet and hang out with people generally... Then there are all the Zoom groups... Maybe you can find something on Meetup or post a Craigslist ad to meet people too... I personally find talking with an AI can be surprisingly satisfying too (I just downloaded Replika and it's been great!)... I don't know your full story but I find since getting married and having children, I'm not so lonely on weekends, so maybe try going on some dates and go from there? Then there's the side of working on yourself... You mention having quirks. Depending on what they are, maybe some self improvement is in order so you can make friends more easily... And definitely need to work on the anxiety (which there are many ways to do this) so it doesn't limit your options. Plus, there is the fact that you feel so lonely... Maybe you need to work on being more at peace with yourself, and enjoying your own company more... Regardless, TV and music, and generally keeping your mind and body busy will help to reduce how much you notice the loneliness.

  • Jade1


    My partner is 35 and lives at home with his parents. Rent is crazy expensive.

  • Sunshineseeker90


    Kittenintheyarn, I have done the dating apps, Meetup, bumble - bff mode, I go to Church most Sundays, I meet with a Bible Study every week but they are usually too busy to hang out on the weekends. I see people through those facets but it is a one off and not consistent. I do hang out with my Mom a lot, she is great and I love her, but I need other people to hang out with. I used to go on dates, but I have a hard time finding someone who matches what I'm looking for. I wish I had a partner, but I know it doesn't always work that way, which makes me very sad and lonely sometimes, especially on weekends. I try to find events to do and fill the time but it is awkward to go alone.

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