I'm new to this. I'm currently dealing with a pinched nerve in my arm from a car accident (Headon). Any suggestions or ideas?

Injury to Nerves

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  • izz


    What helped me is chiropractor. i go twice a week and it's been extremely helpful.

    • GinaB


      well I tried going to him but he said he couldn't do anything till I'm done w therapy.. right now therapy is on pause and he still won't work on my neck bc I have two herniated disc and the pinch nerve in my arm.😥

  • Soskae


    Physical therapy is definitely a good way to go. The chiropractor has helped me a lot but until you can do those try to keep the muscles around the joint calm so get a loved one to massage frequently, work it without pissing it off, warm baths and heating pads as well as sleeping in a good position on a good mattress/pillow.

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