I need friends, I'm kinda socially awkward. How do you handle bipolar disorder when it's really bad?


Bipolar Disorder

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  • AthenaAsh


    My bipolar is always slapping me in the face like I stole something and it makes me so socially awkward. This weekend I was at an event with people I didn’t know very well and I made a joke that flopped so bad that I left and went home

  • Janeee


    I enjoy not being around people, I find that if my mood changes I won’t be judged when I’m by myself. I not to bad a socializing but I prefer not too. I tend to over share and start thinking about the conversations I had after

  • klazikel


    I've been stable for a while now on vraylar and wellbutrin, but when I've had really bad days, I would usually "call in sick" with whoever I was supposed to see that day and isolate at home. Close family.might get the truth, but most people would hear about a migraine or stomach bug or something to get me out of the cycle of society for the day. I would usually focus on reading or TV or something to distract me from feeling like poo. If it was repetitive or ongoing, I would talk with my counselor and med provider about it and get their input. That's why I hired them. There's nothing wrong with taking a mental health day, but if it's interfering with you functioning in society, using resources available is the way to go. If it's really really bad, I'll even consider the Mental health ER or the hospital to give me time to straighten things out and recover. If you'd like to chat some time, I'm available to talk. Just DM me. 😁

  • moonbear


    Monthly appointments (as often as you need), deep breathing, mental clarity, talking to a friend, being honest with whoever you share this with.

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